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Your digital insurance product distribution solution

The Briza Small Commercial Platform is a single API integration that puts your digital insurance products in front of insurance agencies, wholesalers, and SMB platforms.

Distribute your commercial insurance API across multiple distribution channels

General liability

Professional liability

Business owner's policy

Worker's comp

Cyber liability

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Creating a commercial insurance API is just the beginning

Now you have to distribute it. Once insurers create commercial insurance APIs, the challenge of distributing it becomes quickly apparent: there are hundreds of relationships with retail insurance agencies, wholesalers, and SMB platforms to manage. With a single API integration, Briza instantly grants carriers distribution across our network, instantly opening new channels and opportunities.

How it works

1. Integrate your commercial insurance API

We support instant quoting, binding, and payment functionality using your automated underwriting model.

2. We distribute your API

Our network of retail insurance agencies access and sell your products through their client-facing, agency-branded Briza Smart Portal, while our SMB platform partners create custom insurance buying flows using our API.

3. Sell policies

We facilitate payment and binding, handle premium payouts to carriers, and remit commission to retailers on a monthly or annual basis.

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Flexibility and Distribution

Briza provides options for carriers, agents, and software platforms.

Your agents and ours, together

Agencies that are already directly appointed by your company can use our platform to more quickly sell your insurance products. We also open the door to sub-appointed agencies on our platform so they can start selling your products today.

Choice for the client

Clients want buying insurance online to be just like buying anything else online: instant, with plenty of choices. However, a single carrier API doesn't have the appetite to cover every business, or offer competing quotes. The Briza API combines underwriting questions in one application, then displays quotes from multiple insurers side-by-side.

Sell on SMB platforms

Insurance policies will increasingly be sold through platforms that focus on small-to-medium sized businesses, from accounting apps, to payroll portals, to online small business banking. Take advantage of this growing distribution channel without having to integrate your API every single time.

Revolutionize your API distribution

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Frequently asked questions

Can our directly appointed agencies use Briza to sell our products?

Yes. Your directly appointed agencies can use Briza to sell policies, in which case we use their existing commission schedule to calculate commissions.

Can non-appointed agencies use Briza to sell our products?

Yes. We can sub-appoint non-appointed agencies instantly, and they can use Briza to sell your products.

Can you work with carriers that do not currently have an API?

There are a number of ways we can work with carriers, even if they have not yet built a quote, bind, and pay API. Get in touch with us to discuss further.

Can you integrate with SMB platforms that might want to sell our insurance products?

Yes. Briza was built with developers in mind. We can facilitate instant insurance transactions in small business software, such as bookkeeping, banking, payroll, and more.

Can you integrate with AMS platforms that might want to sell our insurance products directly through their software?

Yes! We make it easy for AMS software to use our API to directly add quote-bind-pay functionality for your products.