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The unified API for commercial insurance

Quickly and easily build native insurance journeys for your customers with the Briza API. Our API has done the heavy lifting of integrating multiple carrier APIs and making it available as a unified API for your commercial insurance needs.

The Briza API

The problem

Over the past few years, Insurance carriers have opened up access to their commercial insurance products through APIs. That's been great news for businesses hoping to build tools offering streamlined insurance procurement and payment.

Integrating a carrier API can be difficult and time consuming. However, integrating many carrier APIs has proven to take too long and to be too costly for most brokerage, agencies and SMB platforms, to successfully complete.

The solution

This problem shouldn't be your problem. That's why we've made it ours. The Briza API has done the heavy lifting of integrating multiple carrier APIs and making it available as a unified API for your commercial insurance needs.

Underwriting questions are delivered over API. You'll know exactly what needs to be asked of the insured and when. Questions are standardized such that they are non-repeating and phrased in plain language.

The Briza API makes classifying a business easy. We've mapped the varying business classification systems from various carriers to the standard NAICS (North American Industry Classification System). Through a simple decision tree, the broker or insured are able to quickly identify what the business does.

Underwriting questions engine powering your customer

Single-entry submissions yielding multiple bindable quotes

Immediate payment collection and policy checkout

Briza features

Integrating the Briza API unlocks access to the many carrier APIs


The Briza API has predictable resources and endpoints that follow best practises.

Rapid Implementation

Hit the ground running with our Software Development Kits and Open-API Specification.

Tested and Maintained

The Briza API is put through its paces to ensure expected outcomes, and is verified by our carrier partners.

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How it works

1. Create an application and retrieve underwriting questions

2. Submit one set of answers for multi-quoting

3. Collect payment

3. Bind the policy

We'd be happy to discuss what an integration may look like.

You may be positioned to deliver native insurance journeys to your small business customers today

Frequently asked questions

Why do you need multiple carriers integrated?

Carriers tend to cover specific types of businesses in specific regions. Therefore delivering a consistent offering to a broad range of your customers requires access to multiple carriers.

Why does it take so long to integrate multiple APIs?

Deciphering the documentation and coding the underwriting questions can become nearly untenable when you have multiple carrier APIs to deal with, each with varying questions for the same product. In addition, carriers have developed proprietary underwriting models which are not standardized against a single business classification system. ISO, SIC, NAICS and bespoke codes are just some of the systems which you would need to translate to a common mapping and input system.