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Briza helps connect
carriers to brokers

We are changing small business insurance by powering digital agencies

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The problem

Building an API to deliver insurance products is difficult and uncertain.

Agencies and clients are demanding greater digitization; however, the development is costly, time-consuming, and there is no guarantee the infrastructure will be there to properly utilize what carriers build.

The move towards APIs

The insurance industry is moving toward APIs, digital agencies, and smart online forms. Briza helps carriers deliver business insurance to the world through developer tools that maximize flexibility and minimize investment costs.

Our tools allow agencies to quote insurance from multiple carriers and bind in minutes, not hours. Add your products to our platform without having to invest in building out an entirely new API or portal. Contact us to discuss custom options for integration.

Integrate with Briza once 
and become accessible to all!

Use our managed API solution for 

Embrace Seamlessness

Our API allows carriers to deliver insurance products at scale, error-free

Realtime Control

Maintain full control of the 
underwriting model.

Automated Testing

We’ll ensure your forms produce 
the desired results.

Modern API

We offer a robust JSON API based on REST 
and documented using the OpenAPI Specification.

How it works

Briza integrates your underwriting model via API or through a custom connection.
Agencies log into Briza's Agency Dashboard and select insurance products to present.
The Briza-powered digital form is either hosted on a site or emailed to the client.
The form is completed by the client, where they can compare competing quotes, then pay online instantly.

Help your appointed brokerages stay ahead in the transition to digital.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need my own API?

Integrating with Briza is fast and easy - no building APIs, coding or development required. Our engineering team will be glad to show you the three most common low-code or no-code methods to build custom connections to our platform.

Can I work with only my appointed brokers?

The Briza platform gives you full control over the distributors you choose to partner with. Briza can limit access to only Brokerages that hold direct appointments with you, or we can help facilitate sub-appointments where appropriate through Briza Insurance Agency LLC. We can even roll out your offering distributor by distributor. It’s up to you.

How is this different from a direct-to-consumer app?

Unlike direct to consumer products that are appearing in market, Briza exists to empower insurance agencies, not replace them. We realize the important role agents play in their communities, as well as their essential role in providing expert advice to clients to navigate the complex world of insurance.

What type of products do you offer?

Briza currently supports general liability, professional liability, business owner policies, and workers comp. We look forward to working with carriers to expanding and diversifying our product offerings.